A Steadfast Advocate of Corporate Social Responsibility


Since its founding, K-Power has been a consistent and active player in upholding itssocial responsibility, dedicating to the maintenance of a chronicle effort, aswell as the fulfillment of a noble commitment to make the world a better place via its products, services and influence. Bearing that in mind, K-Power initiated a K-Empower campaign to grant empowerments to the public, the senior and the education.

K-Empower the Public

The discrepancybetween local community’s awakening fitness awareness and a dearth of public fitness facilities and space is hindering the “nationwide fitness” strategic initiative proposed by the State Council. Realizing such an impedance to public wellness and the implementation of national strategy, K-Power steps forward,providing financial, technical and logistic supports to the foundation of K-Power Sports Park—a 18600 square meters public park, including a basketballcourt with court lights, a delicate pavilion and a spacious greenbelt.

K-Empowerthe Senior

Gerontologistsassert that Chinese society will be stepping into an aging society in 10-15years. However, Chinese seniors’ wellness, particularly their fitness needs,have been by and large underestimated and neglected. Many senior associations are underfunded and their fitness equipment is not working/obsolete/missing.  Reaffirming its empathy towards the seniors and its commitment to the improvement of public wellness, K-Power concerns about the well-being of the senior population and their associations, making several philanthropicdonations with both equipment and financial assistance.



K-Empowerthe Education

“Education IsFuture” is a global consensus that K-Power wholeheartedly embraces. Chineseeducation gained its reputation by students’ sensational academic performance,whereas it is also generally criticized for its negligence of physicaleducation. To eliminate such a stereotype and highlight our endeavor infacilitating the making of a balanced curriculum, K-Power started a “betterbody, better grades” program, through which funds and equipment are granted toseveral elementary schools to support their periodic holding of sports meetingsand the improvement of physical education.